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Assassin’s Creed Valhalla plays Hades with a rogue-lite expansion



Ubisoft celebrates 15 years of the Assassin’s Creed license with exclusive content for Valhalla and a first in the history of the saga.

While the cult franchise from Ubisoft is (already) blowing fifteen candles, the latest title is embarking on its second year of content. After Dawn of Ragnarokthe game’s final expansion released last March, the original Breton studio has not said its last word and intends to enhance its successful title with a few more surprises. It is with a short 6-minute presentation that the studio highlighted the new features to come for its flagship license.

First of all, the Discovery Tour ofAssassin’s Creed Valhalla, a kind of educational game mode aimed at teaching us more about the Vikings through the game’s open-world is now available in a stand-alone version. Thus, players wishing to roam the Nordic lands without having to survive epic and dangerous battles can now do so for only € 19.99.

But of course, what attracts our attention the most is still the content added to the base game, there will be plenty to do this summer.

A new way to play

A true first in the history of the saga Assassin’s Creed, a new mode inspired by rogues-lite will make an appearance on Valhalla. Titled Forgotten Saga, this exclusive mode will feature the main character from the latest expansion, taking him straight to Hell (also known as Nilfheim) to battle hordes of monsters in a “die and retry”.

The nerves of the players will be put to the test and it will be necessary to take it many times to complete the content which seems to promise a real conclusion to the scenario of the extension which had disappointed the players. And don’t worry, even if this game mode takes place in the universe of Dawn of Ragnarökyou do not need to own the downloadable content to unlock this new mode which will be offered free of charge for all.

The beginning of the end

After two years, the game has to begin its end of life to prepare the ground for the next episode. In order not to leave players hungry, Ubisoft has confirmed thata final chapter is in preparation for a release at the end of the year in order to definitively close the story of Eivor.

While waiting for this looming conclusion, the developers promise new Tombs of the Dead as well as cosmetic content and an entire arsenal of weapons to enrich the experience of the base game. Ubisoft invites players to meet throughout the summer and the rest of the year to enjoy one last timeAssassin’s Creed Valhalla in its heyday.

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