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At Xbox, cloud gaming is on the rise



Microsoft is breaking records with its Xbox Game Pass, and its cloud gaming offer is also starting to stand out.

Microsoft continues its journey to revolutionize the way players consume this media that is video games.

With the Xbox Game Pass, players can have access to an impressive catalog of games, including the latest productions from Microsoft, without having to pay more than the rather reasonable price of the subscription. As a reminder, the Ultimate subscription at €12.99 offers over 100 games playable on Xbox and PC, and also includes the Live Gold Membership.

But for some time now, French players subscribing to the Ultimate third of the Game Pass can also test the Xbox Cloud Gaming which allows you to stream certain Game Pass games from a smartphone, a PC or your Xbox console.

This service is finally starting to become more popular, and Microsoft has just proudly announced that more than 10 million players have used Xbox Cloud Gaming to play games from the various platforms offered.

A real all-you-can-eat buffet

With the variety of games on offer, it’s no surprise to see Microsoft’s Game Pass take off. This one went from 18 million subscribers in 2021 to more than 25 million subscribers in January 2022, and this progression does not seem ready to stop.
The proposed catalog is regularly updated, raising interest for long-time subscribers, encouraging them to keep the service. You can also find the list of games added in April right here.

In fact, see a total of 10 million players having used the Cloud Gaming offer out of 25 million subscribers in total demonstrates some user interest. In addition, this then means that 10 million players are or were subscribers to the Ultimate third of the Game Pass, continuing to confirm Microsoft’s success in this market.

Where Google’s Stadia platform or Nvidia’s Geforce Now are struggling to find their audience, Microsoft seems to have found the winning recipe for attracting players to Cloud Gaming.

Sony will also offer its alternative to Game Pass and Microsoft’s cloud with the new PlayStation Plus subscription formats arriving in France from June 23.

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