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Atari is preparing a resounding comeback for its 50th anniversary



These consoles and these games have marked the history of video games, and for the half-century of the studio, Atari returns to the spotlight.

Here is a news that will not rejuvenate the players: Atari is already celebrating its 50th anniversary, and yes ! It’s an important anniversary, and the studio intends to celebrate it with great fanfare. In five decades, the studio has had the opportunity to mark the industry with retro games that have become cult, and these will make a comeback.

It is through a compilation simply titled Atari 50: The Anniversary Celebration that the studio will revive its classics of yesteryear. Early gamers and the youngest will be able to (re)discover the charm of these games that have served as models for forging today’s titles. Atari 2600, 5200, 7800 and even the Atari ST, Jaguar or the Lynx will be honored in this celebration.

From the old but not only!

To offer a collection worthy of this fiftieth anniversary, Atari has offered the services of Digital Eclipse. The studio specializing in the return of great classics has already taken care of Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection and even Disney titles like The Disney Afternoon Collection or even the Disney Classic Games Collection.

For the CEO of Atari, the choice of the studio was obvious for this project: “When it comes to emulation, bringing back classics, or dealing with any kind of remastering or reimagining, I don’t know if there’s anyone who handles it better than Digital Eclipse , so they have always been our first choice.

In addition to bringing back 90 games from their past, Atari will offer 6 new games, a rather rare thing for this kind of compilations. Although details were not given as to the full catalog of games as well as new titles, the first images of the trailer are promising and we can’t wait to find these classics and discover their sequels in a modern format.

Atari 50: The Anniversary Collection will arrive by the end of the year at a date yet unknown and will be installed on Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and PC consoles. The new Atari console that everyone seems to have already forgotten will also receive this collection without much surprise.

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