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Attractive companies | Agendrix: red carpet for employees



Wishing to continue its growth, particularly in Europe, Agendrix’s management relies on its greatest resource, its employees. High salaries, very generous benefits and transparency are the prerogative of this techno SME from Sherbrooke, whose retention rate has been close to perfection since its founding in 2015.

At Agendrix, where hiring is done in dribs and drabs, an employee at the bottom of the ladder will receive a minimum salary of $50,000 per year. For the others (developers, executives, etc.), pay fluctuates, depending on experience, between $80,000 and $105,000 annually. And this, for a schedule that has just gone from 40 to 35 hours per week.

Added to this are benefits that are enough to make any employee on Earth envious. Examples ? Unlimited access to a Nordic spa in Magog (with a guest of your choice!), as well as to the Mont-Orford ski center. Group insurance (dental, life, etc.) paid almost 100% by the employer. Access to a telemedicine platform; four weeks of vacation upon taking office; group RRSP; consolidation activities once a month during working hours, etc.

Mathieu Allaire, CEO and one of the three co-founders of the 40-employee SME, however, does not have the impression of being so “generous”.

“We know the value of a start,” he said. We like to sleep at night thinking that we will have done everything to keep someone on our team. That said, we don’t play game one-upmanship to retain someone. A worker can always find a better salary elsewhere, but not necessarily a good workplace. »

Even my mother can’t believe it when I show her the package to which our employees are entitled. She finds it amazing.

Mathieu Allaire, CEO and co-founder of Agendrix

Agendrix has developed an employee management application allowing schedule planning, timesheet tracking, communication and human resources management. Its service is valued in more than 12,000 workplaces in Quebec, but also in the rest of Canada, France, Belgium and Switzerland. In all, more than 150,000 employees use the application of the Quebec SME.

Doesn’t offering generous conditions to its workers cost the company a fortune? “Not necessarily, believes Mr. Allaire. Nearly 70% of our budget is devoted to payroll. The benefits are not that big of an amount. For the sake of transparency, we have created an Excel document to calculate how much these benefits cost. This document is accessible to employees. »

Is it profitable? Certainly, supports the boss of Agendrix. “We haven’t had a single voluntary departure in the first six years of the company’s existence,” he says. Our first departure was an employee who went surfing in New Zealand with her boyfriend. She wanted to experience a trip before starting a family. »

Mathieu Allaire is aware that Agendrix’s business model (based on recurring annual revenue – currently 7.4 million – from subscriptions) allows him to better plan his every move, and therefore to offer as much to his troops.

“From the start, we decided to give back instead of lining our pockets,” he says. Many companies make other choices. In my opinion, too many people skimp on corporate culture. I therefore recommend that SMEs go there according to their abilities. It takes a will. It should not be done halfheartedly or be a “smoke show”. You have to be honest in your approach. Cultural changes are unfolding in small bites. »

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