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Avatar 3’s storyline should remind you of a whole different Avatar…



The third film in the James Cameron franchise may remind you of a cartoon from your childhood…

Water, earth, fire, air… A very long time ago these four peoples lived in harmony.“If you grew up in the 2000s, you will no doubt recognize these few words. They form intro to Avatar the Last AirbenderNickelodeon’s cult cartoon first aired in 2005. In this story, the elements are central to the lives of different nations capable of controlling them.

While it was previously impossible to make a link between this Avatar and that of James Cameron, imagine that they share many more links than we think. After a first film in the heart of the forest (and therefore of the earth), the second made us discover the way of the water. By confiding in our colleagues from 20 minutesthe director revealed that the third film will revolve around, you guessed it: fire.

The fire it burns and then the water it wets

During the first two feature films, the Na’Vi suffered the wrath of humans seeking to colonize the planet Pandora. For Avatar 3, it’s time to discover the evil side of the native people. In the continuation of the adventures of Jake, Ney’tiri and their children, the family will have to face the “People of Ash”.

This tribe should change our view of the Na’Vi. Even if we look forward to discovering the rest of this science fiction epic, we must admit that the simplicity of the script of fire as an evil entity leaves something to be desired. But after all, Avatar shines above all by its images and its intelligently constructed universe than by the quality of its plot.

As a reminder, Avatar 3 and 4 have already been shot in order to avoid too obvious an aging of the actors as in Stranger Things. A few days ago, James Cameron also revealed that the pace of the films should accelerate after these first two rather contemplative parts.

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