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Bad news, the Xbox Series X / S will soon increase its price



Microsoft warns, the latest generation Xboxes will not be able to avoid the price increase for very long.

Following the announcement of Sony, which officially increased the price of its PS5 by 50 euros, the whole industry wondered when Microsoft would take the plunge with its Xbox Series X / S. No need to ask more questions, the firm has just confirmed that its latest generation consoles will indeed take the same path. Current inflation is a situation that Microsoft can no longer ignore.

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Xbox boss Phil Spencer admits that the official increase is just around the corner… but not before the end of the year. He explains :

We have maintained the price of our console, we have maintained the price of games and our subscription. I don’t think we can do this forever… I think at some point we will have to raise prices on some products, but for this holiday we thought it was important to keep prices down.”

What will the new Xbox Series price be?

This therefore leaves a few additional months of respite for players, who should be able to afford the Xbox Series at the launch price for Christmas. It is still necessary to find some at the resellers, which will not be – once again – not an easy task. Always victims of the shortage of components, the consoles are a rare commodity and far too precious.

Of course, this statement is not without reminding us that a few weeks ago Xbox “condemned” the increase in the price of the PS5, a step too punitive for the players according to the firm when they already had to deal with the increase in the cost of living and the supply difficulties that are already affecting everyday products. We can therefore see this as a turnaround, although it is in fact a simple adaptation to current economic conditions, which unfortunately drag on.

Moreover, Microsoft does not yet plan a price increase for its Game Pass subscription or for the rest of its hardware accessories. Otherwise, Phil Spencer did not reveal what we could expect in terms of increase. For comparison, the classic PS5 saw its price increase by 10% and 12% for the digital PS5. We should therefore be in these waters for the Xbox Series. Response early next year.

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