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Bail Reform | Ottawa will “carefully” examine the request of the provinces



(OTTAWA) Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says his government will “carefully” and “quickly” consider the letter from provincial premiers, who are unanimously calling for reforms to Canada’s bail system.

In this letter sent to Mr. Trudeau last Friday, the 13 premiers of the provinces and territories believe that the time has come to act to protect the “heroes” who are the first responders.

The letter project was initiated by the office of Ontario Premier Doug Ford following the murder of an on-duty Ontario Provincial Police officer in late December.

One of the two alleged killers was initially denied bail in a separate case involving assault and weapons charges, but was later granted it after reconsideration.

Trudeau told reporters Monday in Saskatoon that he understood “the real concern” on the ground. But he added that it was also necessary to take into account the impacts of a reform, “in particular for indigenous or minority groups”.

Provinces and territories agreed last fall to review Canada’s bail system, and the federal government says that work is currently “in progress.”

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