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Batum: “It’s frustrating”



Isolated since last Wednesday after having tested positive for Covid-19 just before the start of the Clippers’ game against Dallas, Nicolas Batum admits that it is not an easy time to live and does not hide that he is eager to find the parquet floors. Without having the cards in hand.

Placed in quarantine, Nicolas Batum has no other choice but to take his illness patiently. But this is not why the hero of the semi-final of Tokyo against Slovenia with this cons as confusing as saving lives it well. Revenue Sunday as part of the NBA Extra show on bein Sports on the isolation he had to comply with due to the protocol in force in the league at the level of Covid-19 after being tested positive just before last Wednesday’s game at Staples Center between his team and Dallas, the French winger of the franchise from Los Angeles did not hide his bitterness. “It’s been a bit long there,” admitted “Batman”, still absent Sunday against Golden State. Especially since it’s a little frustrating, because you are at home and you can’t even have any interaction with the family, so it’s a bit sucks. You can’t play with your kids, you can’t be with your wife, it’s kinda boring. It’s a shame and it’s frustrating. “

Batum: “I arrive at the venue, but I don’t think about the Covid at all”

Symptomatic, Batum, who was far from suspecting that he had been contaminated, plunged again during this same intervention on this pre-game against the Mavericks which did not take the expected turn for him at all. And which he would have done well. “I was a little sick since last Wednesday. I had started to cough but it was on Saturday evening and Sunday morning that I really started to not feel well. We were playing at half past twelve. I arrive at the room, I say that I was not very well since yesterday (Saturday), but I do not think of the Covid at all. And I am given a test in case, for prevention, and three quarters of an hour before the match, I am told that I am positive. I was in the room, I had already done the pre-game meeting. I did a second test to confirm. I had to go to the Clippers’ clinic to do the real Covid test, and it was confirmed three times in one day. “

Batum: “My return? It depends on a lot of things “

The former Charlotte player sees the end of the tunnel. But on condition that the next tests he must pass play in the direction of a return to competition. Otherwise, he will still have to wait. Even if he doesn’t hope so. “I have to redo a test tomorrow (Monday) because I will be done with my eight days of isolation. If it’s negative, I should have a second negative the next day (Tuesday). And from there, we can start the process of reintegrating into social life, we will say (laughs) My return to the match? It depends on a lot of things, it depends on my reaction, because I didn’t make any physical efforts. I tried to go for a walk outside at one point, but you quickly run out of steam. “The Clippers, who have alternated victory and defeat in recent weeks, and are still deprived of their star player Kawhi Leonard (” He’s here, he’s with us (…) I don’t know if we’ll see him again this year but he’s fine. , myself I don’t know, all I know is that I see him working every morning in the gym and that things are progressing well, there is no point in creating a controversy ”, confides Batum), They also very much hope that the silver medalist of the Games with the Blues will return as soon as possible.

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