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Be careful, the latest Pokémon update may delete your game!



New blow for the Scarlet and Violet versions which receive an update that can corrupt your saves.

The latest generation of pocket monsters has major problems. At launch, the game’s technical difficulties shocked some players who went so far as to request a refund. Since then, the title has received many updates and other fixes, but remains below Switch standards. Often compared to Breath of the Wild yet released in 2017, the open world of Pokemon Purple And Scarlet pales in comparison.

However, the tests are unanimous: it is indeed the best Pokémon gameplay for several generations. Those who manage to overcome these worries can then enjoy a Pokémon experience in keeping with the times. Moreover, Game Freak and the Pokémon Company intend to bring their game to life despite the criticism. Thus, the last Pokémon Presents was crowned with announcements of all kinds, starting with DLC and new features. But rather than improving the title, the latest patch comes to corrupt the data of some players.

A major bug from an unknown source

With the arrival of version 1.2.0, Pokémon trainers should enjoy an overall improved experience. Among other fixes, the implementation of connectivity to Pokémon Go offers the possibility of sending postcards to its creatures in order to modify the color of the butterfly Pokémon Prismillon. Only then, the reality turns out to be quite different while players have suffered the worst nightmare: that of seeing their backup disappear.

If the problem seems to be quite isolated at the moment, the reasons for this bug have still not been found.. For some, this error appeared after linking with Pokémon Go, while others faced it after pre-ordering the DLC. A few players even claim to have done none of this and still lost their data. As of this writing, Nintendo and Game Freak have made no official announcement regarding this issue.

For the moment, it is therefore strongly advised to avoid Pokémon Go and the purchase of the DLC. Until a new update rolls out, Trainers can take advantage of 7-Star Terracrystal Raids to catch the Paradox Forms of Viridium and Suicune. Be careful though, another bug affects this event. If you refuse the installation of the 1.2.0 update, the new raid Pokémon will still appear, but in the form of eggs. Details of this issue are available via Nintendo’s official publication.

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