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Beauty | Fragrances reminiscent of spring



With the return of sunny days, the rush to get drunk on fresh and lively smells is more than ever felt. After having smelled more than a dozen novelties in perfumery for men or unisex, here are some spring-like suggestions.

Punch and heat

In the wake of the original launched in 2008, Dior seeks to attach to this new version of its eau de toilette the punchy image of a boxer; with a lemon-bergamot double uppercut, a pink peppercorn hook and an amber forehand. On the skin, it’s lively and crisp, but the punchy effect is perhaps a bit exaggerated, because the spices quickly coat everything, with a nice “golden” side. That said, it presents more freshness than theMale classic and we will gladly sprinkle it on leaving a shower or a changing room. Like a bruise on a pugilist’s cheek, its hold on the skin will be rather persistent.

$110/75ml. On sale in perfumeries and pharmacies.

Sharp and classic


L.12.12 Fresh Water White by Lacoste

The crocodile brand shows us all the colors with its L.12.12 series and its myriad of variations. The latest, L.12.12 Fresh Water White (pale green bottle), will not smash the originality competitions, but could satisfy the general public thanks to its very sharp vivacity. Grapefruit and lemon open the ball, with a nice hint of ginger, before settling into the freshness of lavender, all supported by a classic cedar-vetiver. To be reserved for the really beautiful spring days, when the sun’s rays will pierce the foliage. As Men Sportsit takes on a sporty and active side, less warm and more conventional.

$92/100ml. On sale in perfumeries and pharmacies.

Dare to get wet


When the Rain Stopsby Maison Margiela

The shelves of novelties are full of variations of classics, but the Margiela house, more nestled, persists in its Replica collection filled with frank and fresh creations, with When the Rain Stops, a daring olfactory crossroads, where we seek to evoke the sensation of a ray of sunshine on a still soggy nature. This eau de toilette stamped unisex will not be to everyone’s taste, especially since it dithers before arriving safely. The top notes seem to stand up to those of the heart, with a first explosive blossoming of rose petals and geranium, with feminine inclinations. Pink pepper and bergamot then make their nest, before the woody (pine needles) and musky base warms up and rebalances everything in a solid finish. Since it is ambiguous and swings from pole to pole, it can be confusing as it blooms on the skin.

$87/30ml. On sale at Sephora.

formal spring


High Freshness Declaration by Cartier

Here again, we find a variation on a well-known theme by the couturier, inaugurated in 1998. This new version of course takes up the basic score while pruning nuances, in search of a voluntary simplicity, without sacrificing elegance. . A program without fuss: lemon-bergamot in the lead, cardamom in second violin and cedar wood in support. The combination culminates in a more formal air, aimed at a more mature audience, who are delighted to attend a spring opera or enjoy celebrating the season in the company of Vivaldi.

$93/50ml. On sale in perfumeries and pharmacies.

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