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Here are several compilations of the best games by genre to download first with Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass. The equivalent of Ali Baba’s cave for gaming.

Just signed up for Xbox Game Pass and not sure what to download first? Don’t panic, you’ve come to the right place. We invite you to discover here several selections of games, sorted by genre, which you absolutely must test on the Xbox Game Pass. There is a dedicated file for each category, which will be updated as new arrivals and releases in the catalog occur. Nevertheless, it is always useful to bookmark this recap article, so that you can find everything in one place whenever you need it!

The 5 Best Action Adventure Games

Most players turn more easily to adventure games as their stories have the power to mark us for many years. We have gathered for you the crème de la crème of adventure games available on Xbox Game Pass in this selection which contains our top 5, in addition to a few other suggestions.

You will find in the list the incredible Sea of ​​Thieves or Hades, which no longer have to prove themselves in the world of gaming. But you’ll also get some lesser-known, but equally fabulous suggestions, such as Death’s Doora 2021 novelty that made it into our selection of the best games of last year.

The 5 best shooters

For fans of adrenaline and action, shooting games seem perfectly suited. That’s good, the Xbox Game Pass is full of great shooters, which will suit lovers of FPS as well as third-person games. We therefore invite you to discover our top 5 of the best shooting games right here.

This selection notably contains illustrious titles, such as Battlefield 4 that we no longer present, or Mass Effect Legendary Editionthe remaster of the first three installments of the franchise in a more complete and visually sublime version.

The 5 best platform games

it’s a different genre that players crave. Platform games are one of the categories that have inspired all of today’s video game culture, so they are appreciated by young and old alike. And that’s good, the Xbox Game Pass offers a slew of them. We therefore invite you to discover which are the 5 best platform games, the ones you absolutely must download first.

In this selection we find of course the acclaimed Hollow Knightbut also the saga Ori, both titles as beautiful as they are demanding at times. You will also have the pleasure of trying your hand at calmer games and even Pixel Art titles, to the delight of fans of retro games.

The 5 best co-op games

If you think that video games are above all a question of sharing, this category is for you. Cooperative games are those that require the presence of another person, either online or locally. For the purposes of our top 5 co-op games, we’ve only chosen titles that support local co-op, as it’s still the easiest and most user-friendly game mode to set up.

You will of course find essential hits, such as It Takes Twoa split-screen adventure from EA, but also Overcooked 2arguably the most complicated and funniest cooking game in the world.

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