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Bethesda gives Fallout 5 and The Elder Scrolls 6 news



Starfield is the star of the moment but the Bethesda studio tells us more about the other flagship licenses under development.

During the Xbox Games Showcase, Bethesda won unanimous support with the presentation of Starfield, his next sci-fi RPG with an impressive spatial setting. The teams of Skyrim are carefully preparing an ambitious game with massive content. In addition to the 1000 planets procedurally generated in the style of No Man’s Skythe game will have its share of areas developed closely with cities more alive than ever, such as New Atlantis which will be the largest city ever created by the developers at Bethesda.

However, although Starfield long overdue after its postponement to next year (for a good cause), there are other cult franchises from the studio that gamers are eagerly awaiting the return of. The Elder Scrolls and fallout will definitely be back on our favorite platforms, but the dad of Skyrim confirms to us that it is not for now.

Official but distant projects

In 2021, the studio Bethesda hinted that the first ideas for a sequel to fallout were already on the table, but nothing was final or official. However, on the occasion ofan interview with our colleagues from IGNTodd Howard revealed thata new title fallout is actually in preparation and that these are no longer just ideas put forward by the teams.

Despite everything, it will be necessary to be patient before finding the post-apocalyptic RPG that everyone adores since this new episode will not arrive until after The Elder Scrolls 6 whose production is still in its infancy. Although the latest in the saga Elder Scrolls was teased in 2018, Todd Howard confirmed that it was only in preproduction, thus suggesting a long waiting period before seeing the colors.

Bethesda’s next big title will therefore arrive next year, before leaving fans of the studio in an uncertain period while the teams work on the new major projects. Even so, it is reassuring to know that these licenses have not been forgotten and that the development of the next episodes is progressing slowly but surely.

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