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Beverley suspended three games



The NBA has decided to suspend Lakers point guard Patrick Beverley for three games after his violent gesture towards Phoenix pivot Deandre Ayton.

On this Thanksgiving Thursday, the NBA was at rest. But that didn’t stop Big League leaders from issuing a statement regarding Patrick Beverley. The 34-year-old Lakers point guard was suspended for three games, without being paid (he has a contract for 13 million dollars for this season) after his bad gesture on Deandre Ayton. Tuesday, during the defeat of the Lakers on the floor of Phoenix (115-105), Beverley had pushed in the back the pivot of the Suns, who had fallen to the ground, while there were 3’55 to play. Devin Booker had then just fouled Austin Reaves, who had fallen, then Ayton had said a few provocative words to Reaves andt Beverley had come from behind and pushed past the Bahamian, who had also fallen. The Lakers point guard was expelled immediately. “The suspension is based in part on Beverley’s history of unsportsmanlike acts,” the NBA said.

Beverley starter at the Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers will therefore be without their player for the two games in San Antonio on Friday and Saturday, and for the reception of Indiana on Monday, teams ranked higher than the Californian franchise, currently penultimate in the Western Conference, with five wins in sixteen matches. This season, Patrick Beverley has 4.1 points, 3.9 rebounds and 2.9 assists in 27 minutes, after 14 games played, all as a starter. “It was unfortunate that it happened on national television. It was not very professional on my part, I could have reacted differently. But we know me, I like to protect my teammates. I am a fighter. I put on my jersey and I fight for my teammates, I commit to a city. That’s my motto. “His “city” will not see him again until Wednesday, against Portland.

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