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big announcements are coming soon, what to expect?



Xbox sets the date for its summer showcase with Bethesda, which promises a ton of big announcements.

This year, E3 will not be the cradle of all video game conferences. Xbox will hold its own event and had already warned that it would take place in June. We now know the date, and it is fast approaching. Xbox and Bethesda will talk about their next games to come on June 11, a few days before the start of E3 2023. This snub is not trivial for the publisher since it is every year the the most complete conference and, therefore, the most awaited.

In addition to this news, Xbox announces that the event will be divided into two distinct parts, the second of which will be reserved for a particular game. We take stock of what awaits us and the programming that we can already consider.

What to expect from Xbox and Bethesda?

At each summer conference, Xbox makes a point of showing off a ton of games, most of which are made available through Xbox Game Pass on release day. The particularity of the studio is that it only shows titles whose release date is within the next 12 months. As you will have understood, a certain number of games will not make a second appearance at this year’s showcase.

This is the case of Hollow Knight Silksongwho has not yet given any news, but also from red fall which is expected for May 2, Minecraft Legends (April 18), Diablo IV (June 6) or even A Plague Tale Requiem which came out late last year. It will therefore take a hell of a lot of new features to entice players in 2023. And not the least since we are waiting for news of highly anticipated titles.

This is the case of Starfield, which has just seen its release date postponed yet again. Expected for the month of September, the space adventure game will be entitled to its own moment just after the main Xbox showcase. Moreover, the firm gives us no official indication of what we can expect from the announcements. With this news, we are now waiting for information from PlayStation and Nintendo.

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