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Blizzard has a whole lot of surprises in store after the beta



Blizzard’s first-person shooter left players unmoved after its first test run, but the best is yet to come, according to the studio.

It’s been almost 4 years thatOverwatch 2 was revealed at Blizzcon November 2019, and the game is still in full preparation phase. Players are getting impatient and desperately waiting for the strong comeback of the FPS that captivated players in 2016. Overwatch has largely run out of steam since its success a few years after its release, and its sequel then promised to be a breath of fresh air for the license.

Unfortunately, the first beta left players clueless about a lack of meaningful new contentbut do not worry, Blizzard seems determined to fix it. Indeed, the studio is preparing a major presentation on the future of its FPS for next June 16.

Overwatch or Overpatch?

While the first test period ofOverwatch 2 just ended, impressions are mixed and the proposed content is more akin to a major patch rather than a sequel per se.

For now, Blizzard has let players try out the new game modes, as well as the new team composition of 5 players (compared to 6 on the first version of the game) and the new Overwatch agent wearing the Sojourn’s name. This beta also featured the game’s new graphics engine and new versions of old maps which also suggest thatOverwatch 2 is just an updated version of the base game.

Overwatch 2 Lighting Comparison from Overwatch

However, the teams working on the project are already promising that more content such as game modes, maps or heroes will arrive in future betas. Blizzard will have to focus on its ability to captivate players in the future to try to revive a community that has deserted the game for a long time already.

An open beta would undoubtedly pique the interest of many players, but the experience must hold up to succeed in capturing the attention long enough. The hype around the first beta had quickly run out of steam on Twitch and the studio is going to have to do its best to prevent this situation from repeating itself before the arrival of its game on the market.

Waiting June 16 In order to find out what the studio has in store for the future of the game, know that a special event is currently taking place on Overwatch which will allow you to relive special game modes from years past and unlock alternate versions of iconic skins:

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