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Blizzard owns up to its mistakes in ranked mode



With the arrival of the third season on February 7, Overwatch 2 is going to undergo some changes in order to improve the overall experience.

Since last October, Overwatch has made a comeback. Blizzard’s FPS has finally had the right to its sequel, for the moment offered in early access. Even if the biggest novelty (namely the campaign mode) is still not available, players can compete in a completely revisited version. Teams of five, new characters, maps and modes, in other words, the way the team shooter works has undergone a nice overhaul. Since its transition to free-to-play, the title has followed a seasonal format like other so-called “live-service” games. As the second season comes to an end next week, the development teams tell us about the future ofOverwatch 2.

In a blog post published this weekend, game director Aaron Keller (whom we already had the pleasure of interviewing) wanted to discuss the ranked game system. This widely controversial tool since the revival ofOverwatch deserves many adjustments and Blizzard assumes its mistakes.

Improvements every season

Between sometimes uneven matchmaking and a general misunderstanding of the rank system, players are frustrated with increasingly punishing ranked games. The complaints have been heard and these worries should lessen as the seasons progress. Aaron Keller explains that the developers are doing their best to deploy a clearer and fairer system:

The new ranked game system was not well understood. There was some confusion regarding the true ranking of the players (…). We will be making changes in Season 3 and then in Season 4 to develop a clearer system.

Visibly motivated to satisfy the players, the teams will also continue to work on the major problems identified since season 1. We are aware that the economic system is a subject of debate and Blizzard intends to make progression more enjoyable for players. The second season has already been less off-putting and the next one should be even less if we are to believe Keller’s promises:

Some players find the game not rewarding enough and it takes too long to get the desired items. We’re going to be making a few changes in Season 3 to address some of these issues initially.

More information should arrive this week to prepare for the launch of the festivities. next February 7. So there are only a few days left to complete your battle pass and get the mythical skin, so go for it!

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