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Blizzard tries to reassure players after the Immortal fiasco



The Diablo franchise is dividing fans after a controversial mobile episode and Blizzard is trying to save the ship before the next installment.

Blizzard fans’ favorite hack’n slash has emerged as part of the Xbox Games Showcase, an opportunity for the studio to try to restore the reputation of this saga and gain the trust of players. Indeed, after the release of Diablo Immortalthe notorious mobile game that has not failed to make people talk about it since its announcement at BlizzCon 2018fans are losing hope in Blizzard’s ability to honor this license they hold dear.

While the latest title isn’t fundamentally bad, the misuse of microtransactions that can rack up hundreds of thousands of dollars to take your character to the top poses a lot of problems. This makes Diablo Immortal a real pay-to-win, but more than just a tainted gaming experience, it creates enormous risks of gambling addiction since everything is based on a system of loot boxes. For the arrival of Diablo IVthe next main title in the saga, Blizzard intends to avoid all these controversies and is already beginning to prepare the ground.

Erase past mistakes

On social networks, game teams as well as content creators accustomed to the license are already beginning to communicate about the economic system of the future hack’n slash. Without ever quoting Diablo Immortalthe tweets and other messages posted clearly refer to the pet peeve of the moment that the studio is trying somehow to make invisible.

Adam Fletcher, Diablo Community Manager for Blizzard then said on Twitter that “Diablo IV will be released as a paid game developed exclusively for a PC and console audience. The game is huge and there will be tons of post-launch content for all players.” This one adds however thatthere will indeed be microtransactionsbut only confined to “optional cosmetic items and possibly full expansions.

Waiting to find out if Diablo IV will manage to keep its promises and make people forget the affront of Diablo Immortal, it is possible to view the latest gameplay trailer revealing the ambitions of the game and its vast world. The Nephalems are waiting for you and give an appointment for 2023.

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