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BMW M3 gains agility and muscle with CS treatment



Taking advantage of the last moments of its purely thermal mechanics, BMW is continuing the continuous improvement of its products intended for purists of the genre. After the M4 CSL presented a few months ago, it is now the turn of the M3 sedan to receive exceptional treatment to boost its performance.

The BMW M3 CS (for Competition Sport) is, essentially, a reworked livery of the M3 Competition. What does this entail, you ask? A myriad of modifications intended to increase the dynamic potential of the model which is also visually sportier with its aerodynamic appendages.


The power is increased by around forty horsepower, for a total of 543 hp.

The focus is first on its 3 L six-cylinder biturbo coded S58 whose power is increased by about forty horsepower, for 543 hp in all. This harvest is largely ensured by the increase in pressure produced by the turbochargers. The conductor remains an eight-speed automatic transmission. All-wheel drive remains present, still with the ability to move only the rear wheels on command.


The interior of the 2024 BMW M3 CS

All of the suspension components have been revised in parallel with the revision of the camber angle for more incisive handling on the track. Various reinforcements are added to the chassis, including a huge strut bar clearly visible under the hood. This M3 CS also employs a shaped carbon fiber roof as well as parts made of carbon fiber reinforced plastic. The slimming diet makes 34 kg disappear when comparing the model to a standard M3 Competition.

Like many of BMW’s little-known works, the price is to match. No less than $148,000 will be needed to acquire this M3 after production begins in March, which puts it up against fairly talented opponents.

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