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British Columbia | Provincial Liberal Party members vote to change name to BC United



(Victoria) BC Liberal Party members have voted to change the party’s name to BC United.

Chief Kevin Falcon said 80% of voters who cast their ballots were in favor of the name change and he was pleased with the outcome.

The change must first be approved by members of congress, which will likely be early next year, according to Falcon. It’s also up to them to decide when the change will be made, something Falcon says he wants to do in a smart way.

He mentioned that if the NDP government and new Premier David Eby called an election, he would not change the name immediately.

“I know we introduced fixed election dates, but I also know that this government has broken those fixed election dates in the past,” Falcon said.

John Horgan’s NDP government won a majority after calling a snap election in October 2020.

Mr Falcon said he wanted to be careful about the timing of any changes.

About 8,100 of the party’s 45,000 members voted, which Mr Falcon called a success. “We’ve been through a really robust process here that I’m really, really proud of, getting members involved.”

He’s not worried that a name change might cause confusion. “It’s not like we’re Coca-Cola,” he said.

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