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Budget of Eric Girard | Seniors want home care and direct help



(Montreal) The Girard budget must emphasize home care and services for seniors, starting this year. And they also need direct help to deal with inflation.

The FADOQ network, formerly Fédération de l’âge d’or, believes that we can no longer wait years before making this shift towards home support. We will always have to invest in accommodation, because there are needs there, but we must now develop home care and services.

This is what the majority of seniors want: to stay in their community, said Gisèle Tassé-Goodman, president of the network of 550,000 members, in an interview on Friday.

“We have been saying it for years: we must move away from hospital-centrism. We must invest intensively in home care and services,” she argues.

Direct help

The FADOQ network also wants the Girard budget to allocate direct assistance to seniors, who are hit hard by the rising cost of groceries, rents, electricity, when they are already among less fortunate taxpayers.

The Institut de la statistique du Québec indicates that in 2019, people aged 65 and over had a median after-tax income of $25,500, “one of the lowest according to income categories. age “.

Many depend on fixed retirement income or the Guaranteed Income Supplement and have a very low income, recalls Tasse-Goodman. Inflation hurts them even more, she insists.

“It’s not very funny for some seniors who live on little, with the Guaranteed Income Supplement, and who see the Hydro-Québec bill arrive and that there is an increase. They are quite feverish. They have their hands full with the increase in the grocery basket. We see seniors who choose, who take items from the shelves and put them back on the shelves or who take items out of their basket because they are not able to pay when they are at the checkout, “says she.

She notes that several actions can also be taken in housing, for example, to protect tenants against rent increases in recent buildings.

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