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Success in one’s professional, family and community life depends, in my opinion, on the consistency and attention one pays to five simple rules that one incorporates into one’s daily routine.

And if physical and mental health are added to success, happiness quickly becomes a companion that stays close to you and that you rarely need to look for.

Let’s first present the rules of success. Like the five fingers of a hand, of which the thumb is the uniting element, the master rule that unites the others is to know each other well. The index corresponds to knowing more precisely what one wants to do with one’s life, while the middle finger represents the fact of going to the conquest of the feedback (it also happens that the middle finger points upwards as a sign of refusal of the feedback).

The other two fingers or rules are the little finger, which allows you to make the right choices or take the right decisions at key moments (my little finger tells me…), as well as the little finger, whose role is to know how to manage unpleasant emotions before rumination, anger and all those emotions that sap our energy set in.

First of all, it is important to understand that the first three rules, namely to know yourself, to give yourself life goals and to seek the feedbackcomplement each other naturally.

Knowing one’s talents, motivations and limits as a result of life experiences and by appealing to the intelligence of people in our environment, these are the most useful ingredients for determining fully assumed life choices that can correspond, or not, to the expectations of those around you.

This is the key moment to decide on the importance to give to the balance between work and family as well as to the sharing of responsibilities at home. In hockey terms, the first three rules represent the attacking line, but this line needs two great defensemen in order to perform well.

The first defender, or little finger, allows you to know how to make the right choices in terms of behavior or decisions by constantly seeking to fully understand your personal interest and by avoiding dangers such as acting for immediate pleasure, stubbornness when one is wrong or wanting to please or succumbing to pressure from others.

A career can be destroyed by a wrong decision, such as accepting a bribe…or a promotion can be denied by an inability to act for the well-being of the organization.

The second defender, the little finger, requires daily training and aims to identify all manifestations of bad mood at the source and confront them as quickly as possible in order to keep a cool head, in order to make decisions for the right reasons, in order to keep your energy level high, in order to avoid seeing yourself as guilty and saying that it is the fault of others, of the system or of prejudices, in order to stay in the driver’s seat.

Making the right choices appeals to our ethics and values, while managing emotions clarifies our needs and fears.

The rules are simple, generally known and old to some extent, but they are not so easy to implement. Your success… and your happiness depend, in my opinion, on the quality and consistency that we give to these five rules.

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