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Byzantine Vault: the essential protective case for your wallets



France 2022. A veritable cocoon, encased in infrastructure and security. When you return home this evening, a feeling of constancy, of serenity invades you. You are happy, your crypto-assets are having babies. This bullrun just might have changed your life. As you get closer to your home, you don’t really pay attention to the flashing lights.

A few minutes later, you contemplate a river out of its bed, and installed in your living room. The family is safe and sound, but your home is flooded. In what remains of your office, you will find your hardware wallet, permanently drowned. The recovery sentence stored safely in the room is also lost. If only you had stored it all in a Byzantine Vault.

This promotional item is brought to you in collaboration with Byzantine Vault.

The overwhelming need to truly protect your data

“Not your keys, not your coins”. If you’ve come to the conclusion that cold storage of your digital assets is a good idea, you’ve already got a head start. Your awareness may be the result of various facts reported in your Journal Du Coin favorite, or an unfortunate personal experience has made you think.

Byzantine vault protects your information and your crypto wallets thanks to a long experience of security and metalworking in collaboration with military industries
The Byzantine Vault case, to keep your sensitive data safe

It’s luck, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. But did you take the process to the end? Is data protection limited to protecting it from human predation? I don’t think so, and neither do the Byzantine Vault teams. With a long experience in security, they now offer you complete this saving quest for security.

Their protective case is an authentic safe for sensitive and / or digital data. Any self-respecting geek immediately thinks of cryptocurrencies. But the use is potentially much wider: USB key, SD cards, SIM cards, family photos, notarial documents, passports etc. The list is obviously too long. In summary, anything that you can’t afford to lose that fits inside.

Switzerland, its secrets, and its expertise to keep them

the Byzantine Vault was designed in Switzerland, in the canton of Geneva. A country steeped in a tradition of neutrality and secrecy. A posture which, far from being an admission of weakness, is quite the opposite ofa great requirement. Switzerland is a sanctuary, and the preservation of the privacy of your personal or sensitive information is a priesthood passionately perpetuated by local secular businesses.

Switzerland has always been at the forefront of issues of security and secrecy.  In addition, it is one of the most crypto-friendly countries with many resident blockchain projects.
Switzerland, homeland of the Byzantine Vault, a country at the forefront of the crypto sector and privacy

In addition, the region is one of the world’s crypto hubs and cyber security. Add to this the many collaborations of the Byzantine Vault teams with the military industry. You obtain a research and development champion totally invested in the quest for the ultimate setting, the holy grail of protection from the elements.

With Byzantine Vaults, the catastrophe will not happen

This small portable and light safe It hides its game well. It offers optimal protection against many natural hazards:

  • With a waterproofness up to 30 meters in fresh water and saline environment, protection against water.
  • True Faraday cage, it is resistant to electro-magnetic waves.
  • Faced with temperature variations (-20 ° C / + 50 ° C), it offers optimal thermal protection.
  • Impact protection, with an aluminum treated and chemically hardened at 55HRC (that means very hard)
  • Protection against dust, with an optimized mesh and gaskets.
The protection provided by Byzantine vault is optimal against natural elements and extreme climatic conditions.  Ideal for preserving your crypto-currencies.
Byzantine Vault stands the test of time and the elements

Compact and discreet, it is the ideal companion for any adventurer in extreme natural environments or backpacker in sensitive areas. Manufactured by a company specializing in metalworking for several decades, it provides security and peace of mind. And if you need even more performance, know that the SAFE² system allows you to affix seals, and has an anti-loosening system using a needle screw.

At the time of the Christmas gift, think of your loved ones, of the growing value of your memories kept on fragile digital media. Think of Uncle René who goes for his photo safari in the African dust. In Roxane, the scientist who takes samples from the wetness of the Amazon rainforest.

Think about passing on the little crypto loot that you secretly accumulate for your children. Anticipate trouble, facing nature, we are but few things.

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