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can you recover your game saves?



With Stadia coming to an end, it’s important to know whether or not you can transfer your progress from Stadia servers.

It’s been a few days since Google announced the death of Stadia, its cloud gaming service. Only 3 years after its implementation, the platform has not been able to effectively attract players from all over the world, who have always been rather discreet despite the potential of technology, preferring services such as Nvidia GeForce Now or Xbox. Cloud Gaming.

This announcement, although not very shocking, has left many questions unanswered, concerning for example Stadia controllers, but also and above all the backups of your games on the platform. As a reminder, when you use cloud gaming to play, then your save is not stored on your device (PC, console or mobile) but on the host’s servers, so that you can resume your game at any time. where and anytime.

The closure of Google Stadia’s servers next January therefore poses a problem for all those who had bet on the service to take care of their backup, especially for long games, requiring a considerable number of hours to complete them. On the networks, many are already complaining about losing their Cyberpunk 2077 progress, to name but one.

How to recover your Stadia backup?

So the question remains. Will you be able to recover your backups before the servers shut down? Stadia responds on its site with a partial FAQ: “while this is possible for some games that support synced progression on other platforms, unfortunately this is not the case for the majority of games.This cryptic response can only mean one thing.

It will not be possible for you to recover your solo progress as it is stored at Google. On the other hand, games compatible with cross-play and cross-progression, a feature found in the vast majority of online multiplayer games, will logically be accessible on all valid platforms. It will then be possible to resume your game where you left off.

A very sad news for a very large majority of players. However, the firm specifies that all purchases made via the Stadia Store – this includes game and expansion purchases, but also physical accessories – will indeed be refunded. So you will surely have played for nothing, but at least you will have done it for free. One of the solutions is still to get back in front of the PC until next January 18, in order to finish everything you started before the final death of Google Stadia.

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