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Canada Post | Union members want to transform the counters into a “community hub”



(Montreal) Why not transform the country’s post offices into internet access points and access to charging stations for electric vehicles?

This is what the Montreal local of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (STTP) wants in a proposal submitted to the 1,200 delegates of the FTQ.

CUPW proposes to make the 6400 postal outlets a kind of “community hub” to provide certain services to the public.

“In some regions, the post office is central; there is almost just that in community, ”explained in an interview with The Canadian Press Alain Robitaille, president of the Montreal section of STTP – one of the major unions affiliated with the FTQ.

“We know that internet access is complicated. And we know that Canada Post, since we are all over the country, we could provide a network that is interesting, ”he adds.

Vigilance with seniors

Canada Post could also offer a vigilance service for the elderly and vulnerable, suggests the proposal, which asks the FTQ to put pressure in this direction.

“We also have something quite innovative: neighborhood vigilance. Canada Post could, via the letter carriers in the field, align itself with the public support services for the population and say: a person who is aging, a family who wants there to be a contact that is made once a week with a person who needs resources and who is sometimes in the shadow of public services…well, we see them every day. We could go for a little visit, once a week, ask a few questions, see if everything is fine, reassure the family, ”explained Mr. Robitaille.

The service could be financed either on a user-pays principle or by the government, since it is a public service, older people generally prefer to stay at home and this is, moreover, less expensive.

In the past, the union had proposed that Canada Post also offer banking services.

“Banking services, it started! There are loans up to $30,000 in partnership with an existing bank. That’s a success of our campaign! exclaimed Mr. Robitaille.

The Canada Post union wants to modernize the Posts, in addition to giving them an environmental and social mission. “We are hopeful that we will be able to make some major changes,” said Mr. Robitaille.

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