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Cannabis | Canopy Growth is laying off 800 employees



(Smiths Falls) Canopy Growth is laying off 800 workers as part of a restructuring plan that includes closing its flagship 1 Hershey plant and consolidating some of its growing operations.

The Smiths Falls, Ont., company says the layoffs will affect 35% of its workforce and will take place over the next few months.

The changes are intended to help the company achieve profitability and enable long-term, sustainable growth.

In addition to the layoffs, Canopy will end operations at 1 Hershey Drive, a site in Smith Falls south of Ottawa that housed flower and edible production, as well as offices.

The company will now conduct its floral post-production operations at 99 Lorne Street, which is across from 1 Hershey and already has a regional distribution center and bottling facility.

Canopy will also stop sourcing flowers from Mirabel, Quebec, to consolidate cultivation at its sites in Kincardine, Ontario, and Kelowna, British Columbia. The company will also partner with the Quebec company EXKA, which will manage its genetics program.

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