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Capcom thinks about players with disabilities



The latest installment in the fighting game franchise makes monumental efforts when it comes to accessibility.

Everyone should have the right to enjoy the pleasure of video games, and that, Capcom understood. For a few years now, developers have been making more and more effort to integrate important options in order to accommodate players with disabilities. Video game works have often been designed for able-bodied players, thus abandoning an entire audience that remains in search of a game despite everything. However, sometimes all it takes is a few adjustments to make a title much more accessible. Apart from hardware solutions like the Xbox Adaptive Controller allowing everyone to adapt controls according to physical restrictions, it becomes customary to offer in-game options to facilitate gameplay for accessibility purposes.

After surprising optimizations in triple A games like The Last of Us Part IIit’s the turn of street fighter 6 to embark on the fight for more diversity. The closed beta of the title took place from October 7 to 10, and even at this experimental stage of development, many accessibility options were already available. So what can players expect in order to discover the joys of street fighter in a version suitable for all?

Replace one meaning with another

Blind and visually impaired players will be able to enjoy Capcom’s flagship license with much greater ease. It may even be a first for many, and as much to say that the game’s teams have worked hard to create a perfect experience. A Twitter user by the name of @kurominah highlighted the various new features allowing a different perception of the game for people with visual disabilities. The objective here is to use hearing to replace the lack of information received by vision.

Different noises and sounds can therefore be activated in order to have confirmation of the positioning of the character in relation to the opponent, or if the blows have reached their target. Each option has a multitude of settings to adapt them to any type of need. For the moment, no visual options on the horizon but it will not be long. Street Fighter 6 is still in development, and teams are sure to take inspiration from the best. Filters and contrasts developed by Naughty Dog are a great example of how the game could improve as well. As a reminder, street fighter 6 is still slated for release in 2023 at an as-yet-unknown date.

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