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Arm yourself with patience, despite the labor shortage, the job search could take some time.

In full job search, you have already sent several applications, but remained unanswered despite your interesting and coveted profile. You are surprised and worried by this silence. However, the labor shortage gave you the impression that the search for a new professional challenge would be made easier. Doubt sets in and you start wondering what’s wrong.

A number of interesting and specialized positions are to be filled, just search the search engines for job offers to see it. This glaring lack of manpower can give you the false impression that your job search will be easier. Considering the current situation, it would be logical to imagine that you will be welcomed with open arms and quickly. This is not necessarily the case.

A multitude of reasons explain this situation. Among these, although many jobs are available, there are also many job seekers. As you know, employees allow themselves a lot more professional moves than before, which increases competition for hiring. The recently exposed phenomenon of the great resignation has also contributed to the increase in job seekers. Also, although many jobs are posted, it is common for recruiters to already have a candidate in mind, so the dice are often loaded without you having any way of knowing it.

The thankless period of research

Regardless of your professional profile, job search falls into the category of thankless and demanding tasks. You will invest a lot of energy and effort to sometimes find yourself without conclusive results or even with a total absence of response. This situation can quickly become frustrating and make you doubt your methods or your profile.

The absence of information concerning refusals increases this feeling of doubt. Several elements remain beyond your control during your research. In particular, the other candidates who will also have applied for the coveted jobs and the subjective preferences of the recruiters. Keep in mind that during this period, the majority of candidates experience feelings of doubt and impatience.

What to do if there is no response?

However, it is essential to first ensure that your job search tools such as your CV, cover letter and professional social media profile are appropriate. Validate them with those around you and career development professionals in order to obtain constructive and, ideally, objective feedback. Also, keep in mind that you should generally have at least 50% of the skills required to hope to have a return on your application.

In the absence of a positive response, it would be natural to simply devote a greater amount of time to your research. Be careful not to become counterproductive by exhausting yourself or getting tired of your job search. Give yourself time to rest, especially if you are having difficulty.

It’s better to vary your search strategies rather than investing days in sending applications to the winds. You will have more results by targeting your actions. The methods for achieving your professional goal will vary depending on the context of the field you are pursuing. For example, the size of the company, the type of employer and the culture of the field will influence the best approaches to applying. Find out about the best means associated with your field in order to invest your efforts in the right places.

It is useful to remember that in all job searches, your network remains one of your best allies, on two levels. Invest energy in being put in contact with people from coveted backgrounds. Managers and employees can give you a huge boost in order to be valued. Also, do not hesitate to ask for support and comfort on days when the lack of response will be more difficult.

Maintain your confidence

Your most important job during your job search period will be to maintain your motivation. Your confidence will allow you to persevere and also to stay the course in case of refusal: you are its guardian. Focus on the things you can master to gauge whether you’re on the right track. Modulate your expectations, your research time does not reflect your value on the labor market.

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