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Career plan | Have you finally chosen what you want to do in life?



The holiday season is coming and you dread this type of question: What good are you doing now? Have you finally chosen what you want to do in life?

You are ambivalent about your future, this type of exchange makes you fear the social encounters that are approaching. Do you feel the pressure of not having chosen your career yet?

Whether you are making your first career choice or are in professional doubt, being presented with the status of undecided can be difficult to assume. When social contacts multiply during the holidays, your situation worries you. You wonder how you can talk about yourself. On the other hand, you would like to start the new year with good resolutions and new professional goals. The end of the year adds an additional pressure of having found “what you really want to do in life”.

The career is at the heart of our identity, our occupation very often settles at the very beginning of a conversation: “Where do you work now? Regardless of your age, if you’re in a career thinking moment, you feel embarrassed that you haven’t made up your mind yet. You would like to be certain of your direction and have clear plans.

The pressure to be efficient throughout his career

Certainty and career planning, highly valued, make you feel out of step with others. It then becomes easy to slip into a comparison with the people around you who have quickly found their way.

Added to this is probably your legitimate, but sometimes unrealistic, expectation to be quick in your thinking in order to effectively plan your next steps. If you are unable to provide clear answers about what you want, you may experience additional, unhelpful pressure. Beware, this counterproductive impatience could make you make hasty decisions that don’t suit you.

However, episodes of professional uncertainty, from adolescence to retirement, are common. Although uncomfortable, fuzzy periods are far from negative or shameful. Unlike perceptions, doubts and patience are part of a healthy thought process.

Career decision-making is complex and subjective and involves many elements. You will need to figure out what you really want by drawing conclusions from all of your lived experiences. This understanding requires introspection from you, and above all, a necessary step back which cannot be accelerated according to your need for efficiency. In short, good decision-making almost always requires space in which you will experience a feeling of wandering and blurring.

Your value

The absence of direction remains uncomfortable, even anxiety-provoking and difficult. However, keep in mind that having doubts is not a sign that something is wrong with you. It in no way testifies to your abilities or your value. The difficulty of choosing may reflect more of your complexity, your need to discover yourself and your fears.

Throughout your life, your needs change, are to be redefined and reassessed. Even if you have already made decisions, providing new, clear answers about your choices again requires introspection and time. Remember, the nature of your questions is normal: you are constantly changing, so is the labor market, and to add to your reflections, the avenues for reaching the labor market have become more complex in recent years.

Indulgence with yourself

Do not be discouraged, even if it seems long and arduous, it is essential to persevere in your introspection. Be proud to tolerate this moment of ambiguity which demands courage and tenacity from you.

The more at peace you are with this uncomfortable episode, the easier it will be for you to talk about it to those around you. The more serene you feel, the more you will be able to ignore unpleasant holiday questions, negative comments and prejudices. Assuming the fact of not having the answers will allow you to reduce the pressure and understand that it is sometimes necessary to be lost enough to find yourself.

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