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Check your emails, Valve is speeding up Steam Deck shipments



If you’re still waiting for your console, Valve has good news for you.

The supply of Steam Decks has been complicated lately, and many potential customers are still waiting for a machine. But thankfully, Valve looks like it’s consolidated its supply chain since last March’s announcements; the firm announced yesterday that it would double the rate of delivery of its consoles.

Production has resumed, and after today we will more than double the number of Steam Decks shipments each week.“, announced the firm on Twitter.

This is therefore good news for those concerned, as it should considerably shorten the delays. These machines should be addressed primarily to customers who have already reserved their Steam Deck, and who have been waiting for it for many months. As confirmed slashgear, it remains however very difficult to have an idea of ​​the actual delivery time. Most user feedback is currently talking about deliveries in Q3, which is between July 1 and the end of September.

Watch your mailboxes!

Anyway, those who are waiting for a machine would do well to keep their eyes on their mailbox. Remember that once the confirmation email has been sent, the customer only has three days to confirm the reservation and therefore the sending of the Steam Deck.

But if you miss this famous message, do not panic. Kotaku reminds that Steam is relatively flexible and open to the idea of ​​an extension. It is therefore possible to contact the support if you missed the announcement, and it should offer you the possibility of validating the order beyond this period. On the other hand, the exact duration of this period of flexibility is not clearly defined. It is therefore important to do this process fairly quickly. Otherwise, the user could be forced to restart the entire reservation process, and therefore to wait several more months.

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