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Chevy | Colorado gets a complete overhaul and turbocharged engines



In the segment of intermediate pickups, the evolution of models is done rather at a snail’s pace. Since the mid-2010s, most contenders have been content with continuous improvements without actually altering major ingredients in their respective recipes. An expected change of guard, however, took place last week at Chevrolet with the unveiling of the third generation Colorado. A total overhaul and turbocharged.

Established on a new platform allowing the wheelbase to be increased by almost 8 cm and the length of the front overhang to be reduced, the pickup modernized its presentation with elements largely inspired by the latest vintage of the Silverado. In order to standardize the whole, Chevrolet will only offer a full-size cabin and a short rear box (1.52 m). The latter incorporates a small compartment in its optional panel.


The interior of the Chevrolet Colorado has been greatly refreshed for this new generation.

Models prepared for driving in crevassed terrain are obviously on the menu, trend requires. The ZR2 version, the one that culminates at the peak of the model’s off-road capabilities, is equipped with shock absorbers designed by the Ontario company Multimatic to negotiate with rough terrain. Skid plates are added under the chassis and the bumpers have been redesigned for steeper approach angles.

One engine, three compositions

The 2023 Colorado also ditches its current four-cylinder and V6 for a one-engine formula, but dialed in three different ways. It’s the turbocharged four-cylinder inaugurated under the hood of the Silverado that performs the task. As standard, it produces 237 hp (259 lb-ft) and is teamed with a revised eight-speed transmission, the only one offered on all liveries. The intermediate version sees its power climb to 310 hp and 390 lb-ft of torque. Finally, the “High Output” variant produces the same cavalry, but with 430 lb-ft.


The 2023 Chevrolet Colorado ZR2

Towing capacities vary between 2722 kg and 3493 kg depending on the chosen livery. It is similar to the previous generation.

Production of the 2023 Chevrolet Colorado will begin early next year. The price range will be published in the meantime.

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