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City of Montreal | A committee proposes a logo that affirms the French fact



Montreal should change its logo in order to systematically display its status as the “French-speaking metropolis of the Americas,” suggests the committee created by the Plante administration to promote French.

The group chaired by former minister Louise Harel is inspired by Quebec, whose graphic signature has included the slogan “L’accent d’Amérique” since 2014.


The new logo proposed by the committee

Such a change in Montreal would “affirm the French-speaking character of the city,” explains the committee in a report made public this week for study by the city council. “Several cities have adopted positioning statements or logos to express what sets them apart. »

According to the graphic proposal included in the report, the words “Francophone metropolis of the Americas” would be inserted under “Montreal”, to the left of the red rosette which constitutes the emblem of the City.

Symbolically, it is very important to have an affirmation of what Montreal is and wants to be. And to express it in a generalized way.

Louisa Harel, in a telephone interview

The Plante administration did not comment specifically on this proposal. “The thoughts and recommendations set out give concrete ways to increase this influence, we will take the time to analyze each of them and we will follow up on them soon,” reacted the president of the executive committee, Dominique Ollivier, in a written statement. .

“The French language is the cement of Montreal society. It is a language of social cohesion and Montreal conviviality,” assures the committee chaired by Harel in his document, dated December 2022. “The common, unifying language is the vehicle that allows exchanges between Montrealers and Montrealers, and which attracts foreigners. »

“An important step”

In addition to the proposed logo change, the Ville de Montréal committee on the French language also recommends giving more resources to the commissioner in charge of the same file at city hall, as well as launching projects to promote French. .


Louise Harel, President of the French Language Committee of the City of Montreal

Mme Harel and his colleagues would like the municipal services to organize “a meeting of the driving forces of the business community, culture and tourism in Montreal, in order to promote French as a distinctive element of our economy”. “This event will support the enhancement of a typically Montreal identity, based on the promotion of the French language, access to information and networking,” they assure.

The office of the French language commissioner of the City of Montreal has been without a holder since the resignation of Roseline Fréchette, last fall, after barely a year in office. His mandate was however planned for three years.

This service does not have the resources necessary for its work, suggests the committee in its report, which recommends to “give it the support necessary for the realization of its projects”. “Support for the French language commissioner will enable him or her to fully assume their role by assisting them with an operational team with the required skills,” the report states.

In an interview, Louise Harel indicates that these comments refer in particular to the importance of attaching the position of commissioner to the general management of the City – rather than to the cultural management – ​​so that its action affects the entire public service. A position will also be granted to the next commissioner, said Harel.

“This is an important step that was taken by the advisory committee, chaired by Harel, who gives us the possible solutions needed to strengthen the work begun to increase the influence of the French language in Montreal, continued Dominique Ollivier in his written statement. It will allow us to push further the preservation of this collective heritage, our language, which defines us, enriches us and which participates in forging our identity. »

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