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Controversial arrest of a motorist | “It shocked me,” says Valérie Plante



Valérie Plante described as “disturbing” the arrest of a motorist by police officers who did not have the keys to the handcuffs they had just used.

“As a Montrealer, it shocked me,” she said. “We asked the Service de police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM) to investigate this situation and the Ministry of Public Security will do the same. »

It was Saturday that the video of the arrest caused an outcry on social networks. We see Brice Dossa, a black man, surrounded by two SPVM agents, who explain to him that they would like to release him, but that they do not have the keys to the handcuffs placed on his wrists.

The man had been apprehended because – according to the police – his car bore signs of theft. The principal concerned completely denies.

“We are sensitive to the upheaval and the emotion experienced by the citizen as well as the reactions aroused by the event”, indicated the SPVM on Saturday.

Valérie Plante pointed out that the SPVM was the first police force in Quebec to have adopted an arrest policy. “It’s important,” said the mayor.

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