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Conversion into apartments | The Mont-Carmel residence case before the Court of Appeal



The file of the conversion of the Mont-Carmel seniors’ residence into standard apartments is found Tuesday morning before the Court of Appeal.

Henry Zavriyev, owner of the building located in downtown Montreal, is appealing the Superior Court’s decision. In November, it ruled that it had full jurisdiction to settle the dispute between the residents and the owner.

In July, this same court had issued a safeguard order by which the building cannot be converted immediately.

Mr. Zavriyev is not of this opinion and is trying again this morning to demonstrate that the Superior Court does not have the required jurisdiction.

The change of vocation desired by the owner was announced almost a year ago.

Before the holidays, saying he was tired of being portrayed as the champion of the “renoviction” of the elderly, Mr. Zavriyev went out in the media. He said he wanted the debate to be depersonalized and argued that his business decisions were the same as so many other managers of private residences for struggling seniors.

He called on the government to review this issue.

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