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In the realm of cosmetics, it’s easy to get lost, with the dizzying number of new arrivals hitting shelves. Our team presents its discoveries and suggestions for products tested… and approved!

Beautiful eyelashes at a low price

Founded in the early 2000s in Germany, the company essence has given itself the mission of developing quality beauty products at affordable prices. Since then, the company’s products, distributed in 50 countries, including Canada, are a hit wherever they go. Recently launched, the new Double Trouble mascaras convinced us. The double-sided applicator allows two actions: define and curl lashes with the fiber brush, then add a little volume with the elastomer brush. Skip your turn for those who want killer volume, but when it comes to definition and easy application, it’s great. Coming in two versions — ultra black and waterproof (we confirm that it is!) — the mascara is vegan, without parabens, silicones or microplastic particles. All this for less than $10. Why bother to pay more?

Price: $6.99, available at Pharmaprix

Seductive anti-fatigue serum


Powerful anti-fatigue serum from Naturally Serious

True: we were first charmed by the name of this product, an “anti-fatigue” serum which is intended to be “powerful” as a bonus, that’s fitting. If the Naturally Serious brand (with its garish logo) had so far passed completely under our radar, now we learn that it comes from June Jacobs Labs, and from the mother-daughter duo June and Rochelle Jacobs. Its slogan is engaging: “Properly made, ethically developed, clinically tested”. Read: vegan, not tested on animals, and proven. And it’s a fact: whether it was this serum in particular, or the other products in the range tested (cleanser, night cream, eye cream, lip serum), our thirsty skin appreciated it immensely. And want more. No more drawn features and this unpleasant feeling of tightness, it is indeed powerful. Oily skin abstain. As for fatigue, that’s a completely different matter, to be settled on the pillow, of course. And not in a small pot, as attractive as it is…

Price: $48, on sale at Pharmaprix

D like sweetness


D by Diesel

Diesel ended up taking the fashionable wave of gender neutrality by proposing D, his first attempt at it. A delicate tightrope walker exercise, for which we bet on sobriety, with a spicy ginger attack, which will make heads and noses rise after vaporization. All of this rounds off quickly, thanks to two high-sounding and very classic scents: a Provencal lavender and a Madagascan Bourbon vanilla (the ingredients are grown sustainably in their place of origin). The announced formula indicates that cotton notes, in reference to jeans, should be included. Discreet, they nevertheless reveal a subtle hint of “hot iron” found in H24 (Hermes). Modern and sweet, D seems quite agreed for a first try. It should delight lovers of vanilla, here dominant and persistent, which will make it a great option for cooler days; conversely, the bouquet remains too strong in high heat. We love the bottle, made with an environmental concern.

Price: $89 for 50 ml, $118 for 100 ml, in pharmacies

A suitable day cream


Tailor-made day cream

The Quebec company Omy Laboratoires has concocted new day creams just in time for this time of year when the skin of the face begins to lose its radiance and needs more care. Thanks to the software that assesses the needs of each person before offering them a tailor-made formula, we obtained a cream that corresponded exactly to what we were looking for – and the sebum-regulating action was effective even during particularly humid days. We really appreciated the fact of being able to choose the texture (light, rich, silky) and the fragrance (we personally fell for the sweetness of the cucumber fragrance, but we can also opt for a fragrance-free cream). And if you want a more in-depth treatment, the serum (made to measure, too) accentuated the effect of the cream, of which we were still able to see the benefits by using it alone.

Price: $64.99, online and at outlets

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