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In the realm of cosmetics, it’s easy to get lost, with the dizzying number of new arrivals hitting the shelves. Our team presents its discoveries and suggestions for products tested… and approved!

Glow up

Pigmentation spots and complexion uniformity are problems that bother many, while illuminating products abound on the market. The new range from Quebecer Nordora has many advantages: first, its formulations are 100% natural, effective and intended for all skin types. By using Quebec white pine as its flagship ingredient, the company not only highlights an asset from our region, but it also produces results. Once the ingredient is combined with natural AHAs, laboratory tests have shown a significant reduction in inflammation after 14 days, and a fairly convincing action on the disappearance of dark spots and on the improvement of skin luminosity. . The complete routine — serum, face cream and hand cream, our little favorite — gave very good results, in particular a more luminous and even complexion.

Price: $60 (serum, 50 ml), $55 (face cream, 50 ml) and $20 (hand cream, 80 ml), available online and at various points of sale

An intense gaze


Maybelline Colossal Curl Bounce Mascara

With its thick brush, Maybelline’s Colossal Curl Bounce mascara perfectly curls lashes, while giving volume, without clumping. After all, that’s what you want from a mascara, isn’t it? It must be said that in the history of mascara, Maybelline is a pioneer brand. As early as 1915, the American chemist TL Williams marketed his product based on coal dust and petroleum jelly that he had created for his sister Mabel. Maybelline is the contraction of “Maybell” and “vaseline”! The next time you’re in front of the mirror to put on your mascara, you’ll understand where your intense gaze is coming from!

Colossal Curl Bounce Mascara, Maybelline, $14.99, on sale at Jean Coutu, Pharmaprix, Walmart

For finally hydrated lips


A balm that hydrates to perfection

With the cold weather threatening us, we are always looking for a good moisturizer, especially for lips, which are so easily chapped. We fell in love with the new Zoé skincare, from Zorah Biocosmétiques, 100% natural, vegan and made in Montreal. Based on cocoa butter, mint and vanilla, this balm moisturizes as desired, and in a lasting way, while providing an instant boost of freshness. We don’t do without it anymore. As for its so-called plumping virtues, a little serious: if the lips are certainly more defined and gain in elasticity, no, they do not double in volume. If that’s the effect you’re looking for, pass. If you want to feed them, however, this balm is ideal.

Zoé, organic plumping care, Zorah, $25, for sale online

Goodbye, dry hair


A moisturizing collection for the hair, signed Authentic Beauty Concept

Pleasant discovery that this moisturizing collection for the hair, signed Authentic Beauty Concept, vegan brand created by a community of professional hairdressers. Based on mango and basil extracts (special mention to the sweet scent, we would eat it!), without silicones, sulphates or parabens, the range includes a “cleanser” (shampoo, deliciously foaming), a conditioner (a little less), a moisturizing lotion (goodbye, frizz, a small amount is enough) and above all a moisturizing spray, a kind of leave-in conditioner, for a concentrate of hydration. Ideal for giving a little love back to dry, slightly damaged hair, which regains its natural suppleness here. Note that this is a treatment, to which you will then need to add your favorite styling products.

Moisturizing collection, Authentic Beauty Concept, around $35 each treatment, on sale online

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