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Cosmetic products | Tested and approved



In the realm of cosmetics, it’s easy to get lost, with the dizzying number of new arrivals hitting shelves. Our team presents its discoveries and suggestions for products tested… and approved!

a bit of color

Lottie London, a vegan, cruelty-free and low-cost British brand, is positioning itself as the darling brand of Generation Z. It offers a range of products including eye shadow palettes, lip oils and pencils for the eyes. Our favorite is the two-in-one lipstick and blush. Very practical, the “Cheeky Kiss” is available in different colors. Very hydrating, this stick blush for lips and cheeks contains vitamin E and hyaluronic acid. It is applied on the cheeks to have a better complexion and on the lips, to have a little color. Lottie London products are available exclusively at Walmart, in stores and online.

The Cheeky Kiss, by Lottie London, $9.98, on sale online and in Walmart stores

Olivia Levy, The Press

Put some oil


New range of Attitude

For its brand new range of body and hair products, Attitude offers a selection of gels and shampoos enriched with natural leaf extracts (watercress, nasturtium) and coated with rather attractive essential oils (petitgrain and jasmine, ylang- ylang and bergamot, patchouli and black pepper, peppermint and sweet orange). The sensations are soft on the skin and the fragrances leave a pleasant and subtle smell on the body and the hair. In addition to the beautiful minimalist refillable aluminum bottles, we also like the spout which distills reduced doses, reducing the tendency to over-consume. The EWG and vegan and cruelty-free certification seals complete a composition that is almost 98% natural and we can only salute these efforts to offer healthier products while remaining effective. The range, baptized Super Leaves, is available in liquid soaps, conditioners and volumizing, moisturizing, nourishing or clarifying shampoos.

Price for the entire line: $22 (473 ml), $44 (2-litre refill), except hand soap ($18 and $36, respectively)

Sylvain Sarrazin, The Press

For skin that needs special care


New range of Aveeno Complexion+Texture

Specifically designed to counter skin conditions such as keratosis pilaris and hyperpigmentation, Aveeno’s new Teint+Texture range is composed of a replenishing lotion and a night cream to be applied daily. We really liked their combined effect, moisturizing and smoothing, and especially their fresh and milky texture which did a lot of good for the driest areas of the body, such as elbows and knees. The lotion even has a gentle exfoliating agent which has acted effectively on the typical irregularities of dry skin, without however weakening the epidermis further. In short, it’s an interesting, simple and unfussy skincare duo that has quickly become part of our daily routine.

Price: 24.99 each, online or in pharmacies

Laila Maalouf, The Press

Moisturizing sunscreen


The two-in-one from belif

A moisturizer that doubles as sunscreen? Who says better ? This is what the two-in-one formula from belif offers, a Korean brand that is a hit on social networks, well known for its herbal products (calendula, sage, rosemary) rich in antioxidants, without phthalates, sulphates. no synthetic fragrances or ingredients of animal origin. In short, pure and natural as we like. If it was its Aqua Bomb moisturizer that made it viral, this new broad-spectrum derivative supports and confirms its good reputation: light, it deeply hydrates (thanks honeysuckle), without leaving any greasy effect or, above all, the slightest white streak. We adopt, even if the rays are discreet these days, they will eventually arrive promised! Ideal summer and winter. Use with or without your favorite moisturizer.

$50 for 50ml, on sale at Sephora

Silvia Galipeau, The Press

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