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In the realm of cosmetics, it’s easy to get lost, with the dizzying number of new arrivals hitting the shelves. Our team presents its discoveries and suggestions for products tested… and approved!

happy feet

The first outdoor outing of our feet, well protected in socks and shoes for months, sometimes makes us realize that we have neglected their maintenance. To get rid of dry skin and nourish those poor, sad toes, we’ve set our sights on the hand and foot cream by the great Quebec company Idoine, which is part of a new line of body products featuring value the Quebec terroir with the use of ingredients such as Manicouagan clay or haskap and elderberry extracts. In this case, fir, black spruce and Labrador tea give the creamy, rich product a soothing smell of the boreal forest and powerful antioxidants that help fight skin aging. Mango butter and moringa and sweet almond oils take care of hydration. Big plus: Idoine products all come in returnable glass packaging.

Price: $30 (100 ml), available online and at points of sale

Iris Gagnon-Paradise, The Press

One-pass shave


The Gillette Labs razor with exfoliation bar

It’s time to decide on the latest from Gillette Labs, a razor with a new exfoliating bar and a five-blade head. The innovation is intended for the elimination of impurities in order to prepare the passage of the blades over the skin. As for the touch on the skin, the difference is rather subtle. On the other hand, the tool has proven to be very effective, requiring only a single pass to shave incipient hairs, sparing a second maneuver against the grain, which is generally more irritating. We really liked its precision, as well as the flexibility of the pivoting head. The magnetic base for holding the tool is also a nicer touch, without being revolutionary.

Price: $34.99 with two replacement cartridges and stand, available in pharmacies and online

Sylvain Sarrazin, The Press

For silky skin


Attitude dry body oil

With summer coming, Attitude’s solid dry oil for the body has become one of our essentials. Firstly because it gives a beautiful shine to the epidermis, reminiscent of those after-sun oils that we like to apply to freshly tanned skin; but above all because it deeply hydrates it, leaving a light, silky film. It comes in two fragrances, but we definitely preferred the sea salt one to the sandalwood one. In addition, the applicator in a very practical format is made entirely of cardboard, like the brand new plastic-free Leaves Bar collection from Attitude.

Price: $19.95 (85ml), online or at retail outlets

Laila Maalouf, The Press

sweet sun


A New Hybrid, Half-Chemical, Half-Mineral, Watermelon-Based Sunscreen for Summer

It’s sunny, it’s warm, finally! And to take full advantage of it, this new sunscreen, signed Glow Recipe, from a Korean and vegan range that is all the rage on TikTok, is timely. The cream indeed offers an interesting hybrid, half-chemical, half-mineral screen. And convincing. Composed of watermelon extracts (the key and barely scented element of the brand), but also of aloe (a notorious soothing agent), the screen quickly penetrates the skin, for an immediate cooling effect. Forget here the gummy effect of mineral screens. Or the risk of irritation from chemical screens. The formula is non-greasy, yet moisturizing. And its SPF 50 protection promises to leave us with peace of mind for a good end of the day. It is guaranteed.

$45 for 50ml, on sale at Sephora

Silvia Galipeau, The Press

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