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In the realm of cosmetics, it’s easy to get lost, with the dizzying number of new arrivals hitting shelves. Our team presents its discoveries and suggestions for products tested… and approved!

All in one

Luxcey is one of our favorite Quebec companies. The products imagined by its founder, Rose Gwet, combine sensoriality and efficiency, with ingredients and gestures inspired by the rituals of her native country, Cameroon. Formulated without perfume or essential oils, Claire oil is designed for reactive skin, hypersensitive to odors and pregnant women. Fractionated coconut oil, squalane (to nourish the skin) and bisabolol (anti-inflammatory) make up the short list of ingredients. An all-in-one product infused with rose quartz crystals, it can be used as a cleansing oil, a treatment to seal in moisture in the face or as a massage oil all over the body. We love it!

Price: $70 for 60 ml, available online

Iris Gagnon-Paradise, The Press

Newcomers to local-natural


Vic & Margot regular natural deodorant

We fell in love with the body products from Vic & Margot, a very small company that is starting out in all-natural products, notably using ingredients made from local cranberries. The whole line is well done, but we particularly like the natural deodorant, which has a soft all-purpose scent and a slightly grainy cream texture. Significantly superior to several other comparable craftsman style products. Ditto for the body serum made from cranberry seed oil which leaves a silky texture, but not greasy, very practical for hands and feet. And, irrefutable proof that Vic & Margot’s products are natural and non-toxic, my dog ​​ate some of the exfoliant lying around in the shower and apparently liked it a lot…

Price: Regular natural deodorant, 68 g, $24, and body serum, 50 ml, $39, available online

Stephanie Berube, The Press

soothing oil


Sanaé, soothing oil for the body

In this winter season when our skin tends to be dry, the soothing oil for the body Sanaé by Odénium does us the greatest good. Pleasant to the touch, not too greasy, it moisturizes the skin, and its very light lemony scent is just perfect. Composed of jojoba, camellia and jasmine oil, it also contains Abyssinian oil which has the particularity of being very nourishing and protects against dehydration. This is a product from the Odénium brand, a small Quebec company that offers natural and organic skincare products. The 50ml bottle with pipette is very convenient to use. This moisturizer is suitable for all skin types.

Price: $59.99 for 50ml, available online

Olivia Levy, The Press

Intense hydration


Peter Thomas Roth Water Drench Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Rich Vapor Effect

In extreme cold the great means. We generally avoid suggesting products that are too expensive here, because very often an equally effective and cheaper equivalent exists. But we have to admit that this super-hydrating face cream by Peter Thomas Roth deserves a mention. Admittedly, the little pot is worth gold, but what a little pot. If, like us, your skin is crying out for food these days, this cream based on hyaluronic acid, an elastic molecule rich in water, is for you. We love the rich texture although in gel and especially the frankly powerful nourishing power. A small amount is enough, the cream penetrates easily, and the face and neck (even the eye area) are fully nourished. After having tested it for almost a month, we can’t do without it. We dream of an equivalent for the body, now!

Price: $75 for 50ml, available online and at Sephora

Silvia Galipeau, The Press

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