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Crisis at the SAAQ | “It’s true, it was a fiasco”, admits Caire



(Québec) Le ministre de la Cybersécurité et du Numérique Éric Caire a admis que l’exécution de la transition numérique à la Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec (SAAQ) est « un fiasco », mais maintient que les « voyants étaient au vert » pour ce projet à l’automne et qu’il n’avait aucune raison de le stopper.

« C’est vrai, ça a été un fiasco. Il a raison, ça a été un fiasco. […] Could we have prepared better? Could we have communicated better? Could citizens have been better informed? […] On the execution, it was a fiasco, ”said Mr. Cairo Thursday following a full-bodied exchange with several Liberal MPs during question period. He added that “the deployment was catastrophic, but the SAAQclic application works well”.

Elected officials Marwah Rizqy, Michelle Setlakwe and André Fortin in turn mocked Mr. Cairo. He says his role was to advise the SAAQ, a state-owned company, and that he is not responsible for the choice of its managers to close services for nearly a month to modify the computer platform.

In opposition, Mr. Caire was a fierce critic of the Quebec government’s computer failures and regularly called for more transparency. François Legault had himself compared him to a “sheriff”. But the “sheriff” has become a mere “adviser”, they launched.

They alternately described the member for La Peltrie as a “non-ministerially responsible adviser to La Peltrie”, a “modern version of the Maytag repairman” who “twiddles his thumbs” and whose only responsibility is to “advise transversally “.

“Stop walking around saying you’re just an adviser and praising how insignificant you are in your role,” Rizqy, causing boos in the CAQ benches.


They criticize the Legault government for not taking responsibility for the failures of the SAAQ turnaround, which caused long queues for Quebecers who had to renew their driver’s license or pay for their license plates, and for rather point the finger at the directors of the crown corporation.

The minister continues to tell us that he was only acting as an adviser and that his role is to ensure that industry standards are respected. He’s going to have to tell us in which industry the standard is to shut down customer services for three weeks, leave customers’ customers hanging around outside for hours. [et de] spend 500 million without any real verification.

André Fortin, Member of the Liberal Party of Quebec

Transport Minister Geneviève Guilbault replied that “if there is one person who has taken part of the responsibility in this situation, it is me, I think”, before adding “like all of my colleagues in government.

As colleagues know, I returned prematurely from my sustainable mobility mission in Europe to take charge of this situation by myself, when it should have been taken care of by the managers specifically appointed to take care of those situations.

Geneviève Guilbault, Minister of Transport

On Tuesday, Prime Minister François Legault deplored the “serious planning gaps” in the SAAQ’s IT transition and asked for an evaluation of the work of the Board of Directors and the organization’s big boss, Denis Marsolais.

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