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Curry honored by his university



Crowned NBA champion for the fourth time with Golden State, Stephen Curry will be honored by Davidson, his university. This will remove the famous number 30 from the Warriors star.

Stephen Curry (34) has entered a little more into the history of the NBA by being crowned champion for the fourth time with the Golden State Warriors, after 2015, 2017 and 2018, with the additional reward of the distinction of MVP of the Finals. A great first for the leading scorer in NBA history. Honors rain for “Chief Curry”, about to be also celebrated by his university, Davidson, carried by one of the future legends of American basketball between 2006 and 2009 before being drafted in seventh position by Golden State. By a press conference, Davidson College athletic director Chris Clunie announced on Friday that Stephen Curry’s shirt and number 30 will be retired during a ceremony organized within the establishment on August 31.

Curry will also be graduating

On this occasion, the Warriors point guard will be inducted into the university’s Hall of Fame and will receive his diploma: a Bachelor of Arts with a major in sociology, obtained in May, thirteen years after leaving Davidson. Obtaining this diploma was a sine qua none condition for this reward since only graduate players can have their jersey withdrawn by the university. Six players have already had this honor before Curry: Hobby Cobb, Fred Hetzel, John Gerdy, Derek Rucker, Terry Holland and Dick Snyder who is the only one of this small group to have been crowned NBA champion, in 1979. However, the strong link of the Warriors is the first whose number (30) can no longer be worn by the Wildcats. In three years with Davidson’s jersey, the prodigy has marked his university and the NCAA considerably. He notably still holds the record for successful 3-point shots in a season (162 in 2008) in the league. A record he also has in the NBA, along with so many others.

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