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Cybersecurity Threats | MEPs want a single annual report



(Ottawa) A Commons committee is calling on the government to release an annual national cybersecurity threat assessment.

In its most recent report, the Standing Committee on Public Safety and National Security points out that the various agencies dealing with cybersecurity sometimes operate in silos and produce a variety of reports.

The deputies who are members of this committee suggest the appointment of a person in charge, as in the United States, to bring together the various recommendations of these agencies and to create an annual list of priorities for the government.

The committee is also calling on the government to direct the Communications Security Establishment to expand the range of tools used to educate small and medium-sized businesses about the need to prevent cyberattacks. The government should also offer tax breaks to SMEs to help them better protect their data.

The report also suggests that the government work with experts, internet service providers, social media platforms and international partners “to combat online bots that amplify state-sponsored disinformation.”

The committee is also calling for more transparency on Russian disinformation, a review of procurement policies, and an acceleration of North American Aerospace Defense Modernization (NORAD).

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