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Data Centers | Vantage continues its investments in Quebec



The Canadian division of the American company Vantage Data Centers has already committed half a billion since the announcement of a major investment of 900 million last March.

Vantage Canada has six sites in the province, four of which are in operation or will soon be: three in Montreal and one in Quebec.

The data center operator specializes in servers serving the technology of hyperscalerscloud providers and large enterprises.

The investment of nearly $1 billion targets an expansion in Quebec City, at 2675, boulevard du Parc-Technologique, an expansion in Pointe-Claire and the development of a new site also located in Pointe-Claire. The first campus is located at 2800 Trans-Canada Highway and the second is at 205 Brunswick Boulevard.

The bill to develop the four sites will amount to 1.7 billion in the end.

Vantage also has facilities in Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville, on the South Shore, and Baie-d’Urfé, in the West Island.

For the development of these last two sites, Vantage will have to convince Hydro-Québec to supply it with power. Since the beginning of the year, energy-intensive projects of 50 megawatts (MW) and more must be the subject of an analysis according to guidelines before authorizing the electricity supply. A bill was also tabled in December to lower this threshold to 5 MW.

“You have to make sure you work well with Hydro-Québec,” says Maxime Guévin, vice-president and general manager of Vantage Data Centers Canada. Electricity in Quebec is quality electricity and it is not an unlimited resource. We fully understand what Hydro-Québec is aiming for and what the government is trying to implement. We work with Hydro to ensure that our projects create value for Quebec by promoting circular economy projects. »


Maxime Guévin, Vice President and General Manager of Vantage Data Centers Canada

For example, for its possible Saint-Bruno project, Vantage is examining the possibility of recovering the heat given off by its servers to heat the future nearby sports complex.

For the Quebec City campus, the server heat recovery project would consist of melting snow in the capital’s snow dumps, which end up overflowing in winter.

Continued expansion into Canada is part of a global growth strategy, the company argues. Vantage operates in six markets in North America and six more in Europe. The company recently entered five markets in Asia-Pacific and set foot on the African continent, in Johannesburg.

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  • 143MW
    Eventually, Vantage will have a capacity of 143 MW at its four Quebec sites.

    Source: Vantage Date Centers

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