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Decryption | Revenge of Marjorie Taylor Greene



(New York) Never has a recruit to the American Congress been banished so quickly.

A month after being sworn in, Marjorie Taylor Greene was expelled from the two committees on which she sat by all the Democrats in the House of Representatives and 11 of her Republican colleagues, including Liz Cheney.

He was accused of calls for violence against Nancy Pelosi and anti-Semitic remarks on social networks dating back to 2018 and 2019. She had notably liked a message on Facebook proposing to put an end to the Speaker of the House with “a bullet in the head “.

And she had blamed a California wildfire on a cabal involving the Rothschilds, favorite targets of anti-Semites, and scientists equipped with “lasers or blue beams of light” shooting out of space.

Not to mention his adherence to the conspiracy theses of the QAnon movement on the existence of a global network of satanist pedophiles which Donald Trump was going to attack.

However, nearly two years later, the representative of Georgia is about to take her revenge. Not only against those who punished her in February 2021, but also against Republicans who did not defend her vigorously enough for her liking or who refused to support her candidacy in 2020.

This revenge will materialize at the beginning of the 118e Congress when, in all likelihood, the new House Speaker, Republican Kevin McCarthy, distributes the roles within his group.

From pariah, Marjorie Taylor Greene will then become a figure of great influence within the House of Representatives.

And Liz Cheney won’t be there anymore.

The comeback of Marjorie Taylor Greene will say a lot about politics in the time of Donald Trump, social networks and MAGA media.

Because the banishment of the elected 48-year-old has not affected her popularity within the electoral base of the former president, of whom she is a fierce supporter and an enthusiastic emulator. On the contrary, it has boosted it, as evidenced by its harvest of electoral donations in the first quarter of 2021: 3.2 million dollars.

Unheard of for a recruit to the Chamber who, moreover, had just been stripped of all influence on the development of laws.

But Marjorie Taylor Greene continued to spread her outrageous or false attacks on social networks, as well as on pro-Trump media, including the Newsmax channel and the podcast War Room hosted by Steve Bannon. She had her personal Twitter account permanently removed after comparing mandatory mask-wearing to Nazi Germany’s treatment of Jews. But she continues to enjoy a huge following through her official Twitter account.

Clear targets

During the campaign for the mid-term elections, her popularity led her to be courted by several candidates who wanted to gain her support. This is particularly the case of Kari Lake, who is seeking the post of governor of Arizona, and JD Vance, who wants to represent Ohio in the Senate.


Marjorie Taylor Greene wearing face covering with ‘Trump won’ message during 117 swearing-ine United States Congress, January 3, 2021

Greene also appeared in several campaign rallies that featured Donald Trump. The latter is an early admirer of the representative of Georgia. He even discussed with her the possibility of a Trump-Greene ticket in 2024, according to journalist Robert Draper, author of a new book called Weapons of Mass Delusion.

“I would be very honoured,” Greene told Draper, adding that such a ticket would probably be too combustible in the eyes of the Republican Party bigwigs.

Draper devotes a good portion of her book to the story of Greene, a businesswoman who ran a successful construction company near Atlanta with her husband before entering politics in 2019. She told the reporter that her past adherence to QAnon’s theses was the consequence of the lies the mainstream media fed to Americans regarding Donald Trump’s “collusion” with Russia during the 2016 presidential campaign. In searching for the truth, she got lost in the twists and turns of QAnon, she said.

If today she rejects the theses of the conspiracy movement, she continues on the other hand to make provocative, extremist or violent remarks.

“I’m not going to mince words with you all. The Democrats want the Republicans dead and they have already started the killings,” she said in October in Michigan.

These comments should not prevent her from obtaining in January 2023 what she believes she deserves, namely a seat on the House Judiciary Committee and another on the Oversight and Reform Committee. Its possible role in these two commissions would allow it to participate in the most important investigations carried out by the American Congress.

And its targets are not the least. In particular, she wants to launch impeachment proceedings against Joe Biden and the Attorney General of the United States, Merrick Garland. And she does not believe that Kevin McCarthy will dare to oppose these initiatives demanded by the MAGA base of the Republican Party.

She has no intention of stopping there. She also promises to fight for the passage of bills to suspend all immigration, legal or illegal, for four years, ban abortion nationwide, overturn rules to fight global warming and criminalize any treatment offered to people who want to change their sex.

There will undoubtedly come a time when Kevin McCarthy will feel the need to say no to him. But will he dare to do it?

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