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Dell imagines the gamepad of tomorrow



At the heart of Dell’s strategy, the Concept Nyx targets the world of PC gaming. Alienware unveils a new controller concept, bringing exciting improvements for gamers.

The new generation of consoles confirms the importance of a good controller. The DualSense of the PlayStation 5 is opposed to the controller of the Xbox Series or the Elite Series 2. With their Concept Nyx, Dell and Alienware are also interested in the world of games and more specifically in cloud gaming. Last year, the project was an opportunity for the firm to discuss the technical part and its desire to offer a 100% local approach. This year, the manufacturer’s R&D project is pushing experimentation by presenting a new controller concept.

PC gamers can rest assured that Alienware is aware that the keyboard and mouse still play an essential role in many games. However, it has become common to use a controller to play certain PC titles, especially when you want to play from a sofa. Based on this observation, the American company has designed a gamepad; or rather a concept to test new technologies and pave the way for future experiments. Classic in appearance, the controller designed by Alienware embeds a fingerprint reader. It allows for example to directly access the game Guild Wars 2. Movements with the controller or the use of a voice function also help to broadcast content.

© Dell

Alienware presents its optimized controller

For immersive gameplay, the Dell brand is experimenting with haptic technologies and self-adjusting variable resistance analog sticks. Options vary by game and user preferences. “Whether driving a tank, using a bow to hunt, or battling robots, the analog sticks and X controls provide realistic sensory feedback”explains the manufacturer.

Dell Concept Nyx gamepad
© Dell

Turned to the PC game, the controller has the passage of tools to limit the opening of the menus. We find in particular:

  • Shift keys to multiply the number of options available on the front buttons.
  • A scroll wheel to easily navigate and change tools.
  • A touchpad for instant access to custom commands.

In order to facilitate access to certain options (change of armor, potions, inventory objects, etc.), Alienware adds intelligent controls, a customizable screen and overlays displaying the buttons. The ambition is to offer better readability to players.

The Concept Nyx controller has an integrated wifi connection to allow users and household members to simultaneously display messaging applications, e-mails, movies or games on intuitive shared screens. Thus, it will be possible to connect one or more wireless headphones; but especially to play on half of the screen while loved ones watch a movie or play a different game on the other half.

Dell Concept Nyx gamepad
© Dell

What’s next for Concept Nyx?

Alienware explains that gaming paves the way for immersive experiences and these experiments have helped develop the Concept Nyx’s intelligent ecosystem beyond gaming. Dell now imagines the future of connectivity with its project. The brand indicates that these advances will integrate its future product lines. However, there is no release date for this controller.

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