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Despite the critics, Diablo Immortal is a goose that lays golden eggs



Diablo Immortal is grossing tens of millions of dollars if the latest figures are to be believed.

The controversy is by no means stopping Blizzard. It’s been two short weeks since Diablo Immortal is available on all mobile devices (or almost) and that the game brings together millions of players. On Twitter, the studio shares its pride, and counts more than 10 million downloads, nearly 3 billion demons killed, 14 million characters created, but also 126 million deaths in total.

Impressive figures which come to celebrate with great fanfare the release of a game as controversial as it is appreciated. At least that’s what I share AppMagic today with some particularly interesting news.

A game that brings in millions

What Blizzard doesn’t communicate on this post is how much the game has earned them so far. However, it is an extremely relevant figure because of the controversy surrounding Diablo Immortal. Banned in Belgium and the Netherlands because it would violate the laws against loot boxes, the title includes micro-transactions that have been talking about them for two weeks. Franchise purists particularly regret Blizzard’s choice regarding the monetization of its game.

The studio itself, when it gave news of Diablo IVreassured players that the next PC and console game will not be of the same ilk as Diablo Immortal. Funny communication. That hasn’t stopped gamers from splashing their cash on the mobile title, which has since reportedly racked up over $24 million in revenue. Expensive paid for a “free” game.

However, it must also be taken into account that Diablo Immortal was particularly awaited by the players. Mobile games from Blizzard are usually wildly successful, this is particularly the case for the next Warcraft title, which created a certain enthusiasm as soon as it was announced a few weeks ago. This expectation therefore certainly allowed Diablo Immortal to clear a direct path to the hearts of players, who have overlooked the very mercantile nature of the title.

Be that as it may, you too can always try to brave the dangers of Diablo on iOS and Android in an unpublished story, located between the second and third opus.

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