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Despite the fate of Stadia, Netflix ready to invest in cloud gaming?



The death of Stadia does not cool cloud gaming operators, and Netflix could soon convert to it.

Netflix and video games is a love story that is starting to get serious. The firm initially specializing in streaming content took a major turn when it decided to offer mobile games to its subscribers at no additional cost. Since then, new releases have been pouring into the catalog and around fifty titles are expected by the end of 2022.

To top it off, Netflix has also invested in studios to produce in-house games. We remember in particular the takeover of the studio behind the franchise Oxenfree. Today, the company informs us that a new establishment has just been erected in California, and this marks the return of Chacko Sonny to the sector, after having worked on Overwatch.

Soon cloud gaming on Netflix?

During the TechCrunch Disrupt, Mike Verdu, the head of the gaming branch at Netflix, took the opportunity to talk about the company’s plans… which turn out to be more ambitious than expected. He explains that cloud gaming is a more than feasible option, despite the bitter failure of Google Stadia. While the bad news is still fresh for many, Netflix says it’s ready to “seriously explore a cloud gaming offer.”

If Mike Verdu is not afraid of the risk of repeating the same story as Google, it is because the firm believes that it is its strategic choices more than cloud gaming technology that are at the origin of the descent into hell. of the company. He declares : “Cloud gaming is an added value. We are not asking you to subscribe to replace your console. It’s a completely different business model. We hope that over time it will become a very natural way to play games wherever you are.

Netflix vs. Xbox

Cloud gaming is already a feature widely advocated by Xbox with its xCloud, and we can say that it is one of the most frank successes in the field. Netflix will therefore try to impose itself against this giant which has already invested heavily in the mobiles of its players. The manager does not give an availability window and does not yet confirm that this project is indeed underway.

It will therefore be necessary to be patient in the future, and while waiting for this to materialize, you can find here the list of all the mobile games available on Netflix.

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