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Despite the shortage of components, the Nintendo Switch crushes its competitors



Unlike its competitors, Nintendo is doing like a charm in this context of global shortage of components.

The time for annual financial reports is finally here. While the end of March marked the end of the 2021/2022 fiscal year, the many manufacturers in the video game world are gradually emerging from silence in relation to their console sales. And that of Nintendo is extremely positive, despite the particularly difficult production conditions. Despite this, the firm managed to achieve its goals.

23 million consoles for Big N

Remember, just a few months ago, Nintendo said it wanted to sell 25.5 million Nintendo Switch in fiscal year 2021. But with the shortage of electronic components, which is hitting the entire industry and more, the firm had revised its objectives downwards, first to 24 million, then to 23. And it has obviously done well since only this last objective has been achieved. In 2021, Nintendo sold approximately 23,060,000 Nintendo Switches.

A staggering figure if we compare it to Sony and its some 14 million PS5s sold. Nintendo, unlike Sony and Microsoft, therefore seems relatively spared by this complicated situation. The Nintendo Switch even managed to break the Wii record by selling 107 million copies, against 101 million for the latter. However, it is worth noting that this is a figure 20% lower than that of the year before, even though the new Nintendo Switch OLED was released on October 8th.

A shortage that is just beginning?

And it will continue to fall in the coming months according to the firm’s estimates. For the fiscal year 2023, the objective is clearly below anything that could have been expected from Nintendo. In its report, the firm states:

Taking into account factors such as semiconductor component supply constraints, we forecast Nintendo Switch hardware sales at 21 million units. These earnings forecasts are based on the assumption that we are able to manufacture the products in accordance with our sales plan. However, manufacturing and logistics may be affected by factors such as obstacles in the supply of parts, including semiconductors, and risks associated with COVID-19.

It remains to be seen how the video game industry will fare after all these tests. Nintendo is also not to complain about on the software side with the sale of 39 million games in one year, propelled by the opuses Pokemonbut also the last Kirby, or even the classic Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, which offered a first extension.

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