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Diablo 4 could arrive sooner than expected



This highly anticipated title could be launched in early access as early as February 2023, for an official release in April.

The release date of one of the most anticipated titles of the moment is finally starting to become clearer. According to Windows Central and the podcast hosts XboxEra, Diablo 4the next installment of Blizzard’s mythical franchise, could be released from spring 2023.

This summer, the first rumors began to flourish on the side of Reddit. They generally point in the same direction: everything indicates that the firm has planned to officially unveil the game during the ceremony. The Game Awardswhich will be held on December 8.

Windows Central sources claim that this date will mark the start of a major communications campaign during which Blizzard is expected to reveal the rollout schedule. This should start with the opening of pre-orders; for those who still have faith in this model, it will apparently be possible to reserve its virtual copy as soon as the conference is over.

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These pre-orders should be for several separate digital editions. There should also be a physical collector’s edition, sold with some merchandise. And still according to the same sources, players who pre-order the game will also obtain the right to access the open beta. This will apparently begin in February 2023.

According to information from XboxErawhich are consistent with those gleaned by Windows Central, Blizzard would also have determined a launch date, namely April 2023. If this information is correct, then we are only a few months away from finally being able to taste this long-awaited title.

Between excitement and apprehension

But the least we can say is that the fans of the first hour will probably wait for this deadline with a little apprehension. Because as Blizzard had already announced, Windows Central sources confirm once again that Diablo 4 will be entitled to its own system of Seasons Passsupported by a business model based on microtransactions.

This model, Blizzard had already adopted it with Diablo Immortal, the last installment of the franchise released on mobile in the summer of 2022 – with very significant consequences for the DNA of the franchise, which has been fundamentally transformed; the famous grind to which the players of the first hour were accustomed has been partly replaced by transactions that often had absolutely nothing micro (see our article).

It will therefore be very interesting to observe the content of the first announcements; Was Immortal a special case because of its status as a mobile game? Or will Blizzard continue down this path on PC with Diablo 4 ? Hard to say, because despite the harsh criticism from the community, it is clear that this approach has brought in lots and lots of money for the studio (see our article).

So let’s hope that the developers will be able to find a balance, and that the original experience will not be completely sacrificed on the altar of monetization. Because on paper, there is still something to be enthusiastic about. The first previews gave us a glimpse of a sort of return to basics, with a dark, bloody and mature vibe reminiscent of the early episodes, as opposed to the lighter style of Diablo 3 which drew some criticism upon release.

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This shows that despite the criticism, Blizzard is still attentive to the reactions of the community; it only remains to be seen where the studio will place the cursor, and if it will take into account the criticisms leveled at the monetization system of Diablo Immortal. See you on December 8 for the first answers.

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