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Diablo Immortal finds itself a strong contender



Torchlight is back in force in a free-to-play game, available on PC and mobile. Is Diablo Immortal in the hot seat?

Decidedly, torch light has not finished drawing inspiration from Diablo to attract even more players. A few months after the release of Diablo Immortal, it’s the XD studio’s turn to embark on the adventure of free-to-play mobile games with Torchlight: Infinite. The title has been available since September 5 on PC, iOS and Android, but before downloading it, what should you expect?

The developers have unveiled a final trailer before the game’s release in which we are introduced to the playable characters, as well as their favorite attacks. In this hack and slash you can play as 5 different characters. Their names are Carino, Gemma, Rehan, Moto, Youga and Thea. They all have different abilities and some use magic, while others are passionate about weapons, and still others summon robots.

Everyone has their own fighting style, as long as it leads you to victory. At this time, PC gamers can only access the beta version of the game, via Steam, pending its full release next month. We do not know when, however, we will have to wait for more news from the studio on this subject. This is not without recalling that Torchlight: Infinite inaugurates the work of XD on the franchise, which recovers it after a passage at two other studios before that.

Of course, this new installment isn’t exactly the same as the previous ones, and isn’t even part of the original canon. Despite everything, the studios follow one another to work on this license, which obviously still has things to prove to us.

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