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Diaw does not close the door to Embiid at the Blues



Vast debate than that of the possible arrival of Joel Embiid in the France team. Cautious on the issue, Boris Diaw in any case does not close the door.

If he has his passport and he becomes French and selectable, of course it’s someone who would be in the pipes “, Estimates the manager of the Blues in the podcast stamped RMC Basket Time, taking care to emphasize that the administrative procedures of the Cameroonian pivot, to date, have not yet succeeded.

The day when it will be obtained, it will be another subject to make a selection and to take the players who have the capacities to carry this team of France while remaining in the state of mind of the group. “, adds Boris Diaw.

In the same podcast, Vincent Poirier, necessarily concerned by such a prospect as a pivot, does not hide his opinion: “ It’s sport, there are plenty of teams that do it. I can’t control all of this. I don’t think I’m the first to be bothered by this. Today we have a hierarchy in the team and if Joel comes it will change things. »

And to qualify all the same: After Joel I know him, I played with him, he’s a cool guy, we know what he’s worth, he’s one of the best big men in the NBA, if not the best, and offensively he’s a weapon formidable. He is a very good guy and I have nothing against him. »

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